ERUCES enables organizations to deploy pervasive and transparent data encryption with real-time access control. Our technology inherently allows an organization to monitor and audit their data usage and exercise immediate access revocation across its data intensive enterprise.

The ERUCES product portfolio consists of automated, high volume encryption key management technology, robust product offerings, professional services and an active R&D lab. Our products are designed to maintain enterprise ownership of data in distributed cloud computing as well as traditional architectures. ERUCES products provide additional value and protection to sensitive big data producers and consumers.
Our product design and technology implementation are aligned with the highest security requirements, our products meet or exceed government and industry regulations.

High Speed, High Volume
Centralized Symmetric Key Management Services.

Tricryption® kS software performs symmetric key generation, key storage and retrieval, key authorization, and auditing of key usage. Tricryption kS employs industry standard symmetric encryption to provide maximum performance and efficiency. More...


Transparent, Centrally Managed Endpoint Encryption
for Laptops and Workstations.

ERUCES Tricryption dS is laptop and workstation software designed to use encryption keys from Tricryption kS and secure sensitive data through transparent policy-driven encryption. More...


Transparent, Centrally Managed Endpoint Encryption
for Storage Solutions, Including Distributed File Systems and the Cloud.

ERUCES Tricryption eS provides seamless encryption across complex enterprise infrastructures. Tricryption eS is optimized for server environments, cloud computing and virtual machines. More...


Development Kit to Solve Complex Privacy, Encryption and Key Lifecycle Management Problems.

ERUCES Tricryption sdk is a set of development tools that empowers you to create secure applications by incorporating industry standard encryption and our key management features.  More...


Encryption Services and Key Lifecycle Management
for Application Servers and Software Frameworks.

ERUCES Tricryption appServer Agent is a collection of components that provide full-featured encryption and key lifecycle management solutions for application servers and software frameworks. More...